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Financial Information - payment options for Southwest Florida Concierge Medical Practice

In order to provide the best healthcare possible, our physicians have severed all financial relationships with insurance companies and government agencies. We accept payment only from our patients. That ensures that we work only for you, without any conflict of interests.

Payments for our services consist of an annual fee, which will cover all services provided by our physicians in the office, in the hospital or at home, whether in person, by phone or e-mail, regardless of the day or time.

Upon request, we will provide properly coded invoice, which you can submit to your private insurance carrier for reimbursement. Please note that pharmacies, laboratories, specialists and hospitals will still accept and process your insurance as usual. Our financial arrangement with our patients has no impact on any other medical facility or insurance.

Please call Marlene, our Practice Administrator, at 239-415-1111 for additional information.